Attract Homebuyers This Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, and it’s a great time to attract attention to a home for sale. As people make their way door to door while trick or treating with their children, they are able to get an up-close look at your home. In addition, because friends tend to gather together for the holiday festivities, […]

Preparing Your Property for Fall

Fall officially began this week and cool, crisp air and changing leaves are not far behind. Along with apple picking, pumpkin carving and Halloween, fall is also a time when homeowners should complete some key maintenance tasks in order to prevent structural damage, save energy and keep their home’s systems running properly during the colder […]

Kitchen Countertops 101

As you probably know, the kitchen is one of the most highly scrutinized rooms in a home on the market. If your kitchen has recently been remodeled, the good news is that kitchen updates are among the best value-for-the-money projects, especially when it comes time to sell. If your kitchen is in need of refreshing, […]

Consumers Maintain Positive Housing Outlook

According to Fannie Mae’s most recent monthly National Housing Survey, consumers are increasingly more positive about the housing market. In fact, when asked if they felt it was a good time to sell a home, 52 percent of survey respondents said they believe now is a good time to sell. This represents the first time […]

Purchasing a Home Saves You Money

Valuable information for buyers and sellers. There are many financial benefits of owning a home, and a new study shows that buying a home now could help potential buyers save money well into the future. The inaugural Opportunity Cost Report analyzed financial reasons to buy a home, including the long-term financial impact of owning […]

Gardening With Less Water

Valuable information for buyers and sellers. Flowers and other plants are an important part of creating curb appeal, especially during the spring and summer months. But, they can also require significant time and attention in order to stay vibrant and healthy. You can save not only time, but money, too, by using less water in […]

Spring Selling Tips

While it’s never a bad time to sell your home, many owners put their homes on the market in the spring. Current conditions in the real estate market may make this spring a particularly advantageous time to sell a home. That’s because we are in a seller’s market in which buyers are competing for the […]

Window & Light Cleaning Tips

Valuable information for buyers and sellers. The brighter days of spring can really help make a home shine by allowing more light to come in and by providing homebuyers with a good view of the home’s outdoor areas. Whether your home is for sale or not, giving your windows a good cleaning – both inside […]

Consumers Growing More Confident

According to Fannie Mae’s most recent monthly National Housing Survey, consumer sentiment continues to improve. In fact, the share of people who believe the economy is on the right track rose to a five-year record high. It also exceeded the share of people who believe it’s on the wrong track for the first time. Another […]

Why People Move

If your home is on the market or you’re planning to sell in the future, it’s helpful to understand the reason why people choose to move from one home to another. According to the Demand Institute, which surveyed 10,000 households, location is the driving factor in most moves. In fact, 75 percent of respondents cited […]